Iowa Roots Round

Join songwriters Chad Elliott, Ryne Doughty and Royce Johns for a rare demonstration of Midwest songcraft at the Iowa Roots Round show. All three will appear on stage together, swapping songs and stories during an in-the-round style event that is not-to-be-missed.




Chad Elliott blends folk roots, swampy blues and soulful writing to deliver an original Americana sound. His live performances have been honed over a decade of being on the road performing more than 200 shows each year. Elliott is lauded as “Iowa’s Renaissance man” by Culture Buzz Magazine. He has penned more than 1,500 songs in his career while also cultivating his skills as a painter, sculptor, illustrator and author.

Ryne Doughty’s music is deeply rooted in real life stories of love, loss, work and play. His stripped-down, earthy sound is directly influenced by the small, rural town where he was born and raised. The hard-working, simple living and friendly way-of-life of the Midwest shines through his music that is understated yet complex and rich with beauty and realness.

Royce Johns’ songwriting is a blend of country, folk and Americana with the humor and tide to which many midwesterners can relate. His songs are primarily forged from early-mid life experiences that connect to audiences of all ages. Royce continues to play 150 shows a year from the trunk of his Mercury Grand Marquis with the same intensity that first sparked his passion for music.

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Tickets are general for admission. Doors will open at 5:30 PM

Tickets will be mailed out as they are purchased until October 17th. Any tickets purchased after that will be held at the door. Upon request, they can be emailed. If you have questions or concerns, please email us at