Built in 1893 by the Masonic Lodge in a thriving coal mining community.



That have allowed the community to be entertained by top performers.



To start repairs - we need your help! See our Donate page to learn more.


The What Cheer Opera House has a rich history of survival. The determination, and the sense of community and pride of a small town has kept the Opera House standing for over a century. The community's dedication to this historic site is needed again. The Opera House Board, with the community's support, restored the roof in 2019. Now it's time to look at the brick work and foundation both of which are in need of repair.

Take a look at the upcoming events, and make time to visit the What Cheer Opera House!

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Upcoming Events

Our 2021 season has ended. The 2022 lineup will be here soon!

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Our primary goal is to improve the structural integrity of the What Cheer Opera House. We need financial help to do this. Please consider donating.

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Our History

This is an opportunity to take a quick look at the history of the What Cheer Opera House in a simple timeline.

We Need Your Help...

in order to complete some much needed structural improvements and to expand our programming. Please consider donating!

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